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Dynamic Civil & Structural Engineering Services

Providing innovative, sustainable and cost effective solutions, we apply current technology and methods combined with the successful application of established civil and structural engineering principles to achieve efficient design solutions. In addition, we are all well versed in the use of a wide range of traditional and cutting edge construction materials and methods, which allows us to work closely with other professional team members in order to develop high-quality design solutions best suited to our client’s requirements.

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Water Supply System

The objectives of the water supply system are to supply water equitably to the consumers with sufficient pressure so as to discharge the water at the desired location within the premises. Water supply system network is the most complicated component and we are ready to plan, design, construct and operate for our customers. Maintenance of water supply system is defined to keeping the structures, plants, machinery and equipment and other facilities in an optimum working order and proper functioning without any interruption. There are two types of maintenance  there are Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance.

Drainage & Irrigation System

Is your business area struggling with standing water and structural damage due to water flowing to your foundation? Gemilang Drainage and Irrigation offers effective solutions. Our expert staff will assist in finding the right solution for you and your property. We specialise in a number of drainage and irrigation services such as, drain unblocking, high pressure jetting, drainage repairs, gutter cleaning and repairs, new drain & irrigation installation, drain repairs, irrigation system installation and other related services.

Sewerage System

We have the experience and knowledge to deal with any sewage management project, provide ad-hoc callouts and emergency responses in addition to regular maintenance services such as, Mainline sewers and drain repairs, Pumping stations and sewage treatment plants, Cesspits and septic tanks, Soak away systems and site surveys. Working across a range of commercial industry sectors we have developed the appropriate individual logistical solutions to deal with all sewerage systems.

Roads & Parking System

Roads and parking lots have a variety of negative effects on the environment. Cars themselves produce greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming when on the road, but even parking them on pavement can compound the problem. Too many parking lots can also contribute to area blight that continues a cycle of environmental damage. More paved parking areas reduce green space that allows trees and plants to thrive, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing clean oxygen into the air. Here at Gemilang we help you construct your infrastructure with the best roads and parking system for your business.

Building Structural & Roofing System

At Gemilang we undertake various types of building and structural related remedial works. If your property is suffering from structural problems such as cracked lintels, bowing or bulging walls, cracking walls or other masonry defects. Our experienced team can quickly diagnose any underlying issues and get to work to rectify the problem by providing efficient and effective solutions. We also provide roofing which is not only attractive to look at but which also provides reliability coupled with a robust construction.